Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Much to our surprise, we're going to be parents! Don't worry...it's a pleasant surprise! I am about 13 weeks along, and our due date is January 23th! We're starting to get used to the idea and getting more excited every day! We will know if it's a boy or girl around the end of August or beginning of September, cast your vote for your prediction!! (If you want the longer, more interesting version of this story ask Mike sometime. He'd love to tell you!)

Saturday, July 5, 2008


We had an awesome 4th of July!! Mike's grandparent's live in Malad, ID and it was so much fun! The weekend started with the town parade. The Moss family always enters a float in the city parade on his uncle's trucking business. This was the first year they didn't place, but it looked great to us!

We also got to witness "Malad Idol" which our cousin Karen sang in as the reigning champion, she had to give up her title this year, but she did great!

Next on the agenda was our usual poker game, we made sure to stop at the store to get our buy in, peanut butter M&M's!

BEST FIREWORK SHOW EVER!!! Our cousin, Junior, puts on an amazing firework show for our family. This was the first time I've ever seen it, and I can't even describe it!! Junior drives over to Wyoming every year to load up on the illegal good stuff! It was better than the city fireworks! After the show was over, we could hear all the neighbors cheering! THANKS AGAIN JUNIOR, it was great!

Here's a little taste of it for you.

Our adventure in Malad ended with one of Grandpa Moss' cows giving birth to an 80+ pound calf that needed our uncle's help in delivering! That was pretty neat, and all the little ones loved it!

After we got back to Logan, we made it in time to catch the "Cache Valley Cruise In." For all of you that aren't from Logan, this is a SWEET parade that consists of old muscle cars from all over the nation dragging main for a couple of hours. It is so cool to watch!

So all in all, we had a BLAST this weekend, and it's going to be hard to go back to work on Monday!