Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You asked for it

Ok so we know that we've gotten a little behind on posting pictures of Michelle. It turns out that these days she gets tired just walking up the stairs, so I guess it's on me to get this post up!! It's pretty amazing what a difference 10 weeks can make. As you can see we're definitely on the downhill side at this point. Now if we could only come up with a name for our little one!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wii is taking over!!!

Wow, I never thought that we would become the type of people that we be into the Wii, but as you can see.....It all started when Mike, being the best little worker bee that he is, won a Wii at work as a prize. First we tackled tennis, bowling, and the olympic sports. Then the next thing I know, I come home and Mike bought steering wheels, and we have Mario Kart Wii! Which we now are experts at. We even made our Wii Mii's, and yes I realize that only Wii geeks will know what I'm talking about...shout out to Mary and her identical Mii person we created :) So now the next thing I know, yet again I come home from work and Mike is jamming out on guitar hero! We had some friends over and jammed out all night, it was awesome! It really is soo addicting, you would never believe it until you try it for yourself. We have made rules about how much we can play Wii each day, so we can still be somewhat productive.

For any family members reading this...Jelena...Justin...Bryan... dont worry we're bringing the Wii to Thanksgiving...let the best man win!

I have now reached the goal of making one post not about the baby, so to all of you that have been asking for my latest belly pick, it will be coming shortly :)