Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas, Baby Shower, and Crazy Cat!!!!

We had a great Christmas with my Dad two weekends ago, then we had another fun Christmas with my Mom in Vernal last weekend. We have one more Christmas to go this upcoming weekend with Mike's parents...we're party animals!! After Christmas #3, we will no longer be traveling anywhere, because I will be full term and D-day could come at anytime. I'm fine just relaxing at home and waiting for our little one to arrive! Here are some pics of our weekend fun so far:
This is my cute niece Lily! This was her first Christmas. Love the cheeks!

I had a wonderful shower that my sister-in-laws planned in Vernal! Thanks again to everyone that came, especially to Carolyn and the awesome quilts she made for my baby girl :-) Also thanks to my friends that always support me, they are the best, it was so good to get together with them and chat up old times!

So after all of our fun times and being gone for about four days, this is what we came home to! I think our cat, Aggie, took out some aggression on our Christmas tree! If you look closely you can see her hiding in the tree still! I think she just got bored! We left her home alone with plenty of food and water, but I guess we forgot to leave out some toys for her to play with!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

HaViNg No PrObLeMs StAyInG wArM!

This picture is now two weeks old, but we're behind in posting, December is crazy! So everything is going well, we're just getting ready for Christmas and the arrival of our little one. Although it is so cold outside, I think it feels great! I am always overheated these days, Mike complains that our house is like a freezer! I feel so bad for those women who are pregnant in the summer! In two weeks I'll be considered full term, and if she decides to come any time after that, it would be ok, I cant believe it! Wow, I kinda just wish the stork could bring her...special delivery...I'll be honest...I'm terrified of giving birth! But ya know, you do what you have to do to get to the good stuff!