Sunday, June 8, 2008

Moss' Invade the Blog Scene

Well we finally made it! We're excited to finally have set up a blog to keep in touch with friends and family!

So some new updates in Moss world include:

I graduated with my bachelors in business, now only one more year for Mike's undergrad! It was also cool, because I got to graduate with my brother from the same college, so our parents got a nice two-for-one! I'm so glad to be done!

We got a new member to our little family...Aggie! She's a pretty cute little cat, and she has been lots of fun so far!

Mike got a new calling in our ward, to be a member of the bishopric. So that has been a new fun adventure! He's a pretty busy boy right now, he's taking a full load of classes this summer and working, he's awesome!

We recently went to Disneyland on vacation and it was a blast! We miss the California weather already! Well this is all I can think of that has been happening recently off the top of my more later