Sunday, November 7, 2010

Little Miss Cupcake

Wow, October was fun! Since we will be moving this summer, it seems like everything is "our last time to do this in Logan," so any local knows, that includes the pumpkin walk! We had a lot of fun, and it never ceases to re-impress me every year! We also had a lot of fun carving pumpkins, which apparently Mike has some awesome skill at, if you can't guess his was the spider! I made Rachel's costume this year, and I was so happy how it turned out! Rachel was a cupcake for Halloween and Mike and I were the "chefs" of this little pastry!

Monday, November 1, 2010


See them on my photo blog!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July

What a busy summer! I have totally been a slacker in the blogger world! We had a great 4th! We spent it in Vernal this time, Mike has never been to my home town for the 4th, so I figured it was time to show him Vernal style! We barbecued, went to the fireworks, the parade, the whole thing. It was a lot of fun! Rachel's reaction to the fireworks was kinda sad, she started bawling and shaking, and she buried her head in my shoulder and would not lift her head to even look! She did like the sparklers though, so we'll take it! She had a blast playing with her cousins, I'm pretty sure that was her favorite part! To end on a high note, lets just say the drive home was less than fun, we're contemplating never going further than 1 hour from Logan again. Three key components included: screaming child with the sun in her face the whole way home (just making her more mad with any attempts to help make it better!), leads to grumpy parents, top it off with getting a ticket like 20 minutes from our house....equals not awesome. It was worth it though, bring on the the 24th! P.S. check out my photo blog if you want, new pics!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sassy Blossoms

Check out my photography blog! New pics!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Baby Animal Days

Don't worry...he caught her! So much trust! I didn't really realize how high Mike has been throwing her until I saw this pic! Hmmm...questionable parenting?!?

We had so much fun! Mostly it was just great to be outside for a change and not be cold! Rachel had the most fun riding the little train and petting the bunnies, and umm, pretty much just running around. Mostly we'll keep our fingers crossed that the sunshine continues!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Goodbye Queen....Hello King!

We finally got our SWEET new bed in! We upgraded our bed size from a queen to a king about a week ago, and it is fantastic! Best week of sleep both of us have gotten since we got married! For those of you who don't know my hubby and I are not exactly short people. Mike is 6'5, and I'm 5' was pretty much a war zone trying to get enough space in our old bed! We went to Salt Lake to pick out our new bed, and it only took about six hours! Poor Rachel was so worn out by the end, but it wasn't a total bust for her...after all she did get a balloon that she didn't let go of all the way home!

Wow, I'm pretty behind on posting. We have had a really fun month. My brother and his cute family came up to visit us for a weekend. It was so fun catching up with them! They have a little boy, Adam, these pics are pretty accurate of his reaction to Rachel. He's a little shy and Rachel is a little not:

I'm pretty sure the next picture is of him crying! He just kept watching Rachel all weekend, looking at her like "REALLY?!?" Its so funny to see these guys together, because Rachel is about six months older than Adam, they look the same age, so I keep thinking they can do the same things, like walking, but not really! I think they will be good friends!

 Also, my cousin came up to support his wife, she is on the the BYU gymnastics team, and also to visit us. We went to her meet BYU vs. USU, BYU won, but it was so cool to watch. I've never been to a gymnastics meet before, it was like the olympics in extreme high-def! 

My bff, Mary came up the weekend after to visit and hang-out with us. (no-pics, boo!) It was so fun to have her up here, shopping, eating, etc. Need I say more. I miss you already! are Rachel's random pictures for the month:
When we were grocery shopping, she would not stop trying to eat this broccoli. It was like some natural response, I set it in the chart, and she automatically started trying to eat it. I'm ok with this, she breezed right past the junk food and went right for this.

Last but not least, we hid them from her as long as we could, but she finally discovered her nose holes! She doesn't actually pick her nose, but she thinks its awesome to just stick her finger up there! I might be mean for posting such a flattering pic of my baby, but we couldn't stop laughing at it, so I thought I would share!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Well Rachel's birthday has come and gone! Wow, what a whirlwind, who knew throwing a party for such a wee tike is so much work! It was all worth it though, Rachel had a blast! My mom and sis-in-law came up early to help me, and we had so much fun while they were here! A lot of our family came up for Rachel's party, and we were so glad they did! Rachel had a blast with all her cousins, perhaps a little too much fun...she's now pretty sick :-( Thats besides the point! In all the craziness, I forgot to take a pic of all the kids together...bummer! I can now see how easy it is as a parent to want spoil your kids...YOU want them to have everything, and I think Rachel pretty much got it this birthday! She is even sporting a "pack and play" for her baby dolls!

This is Rachel enjoying her rocking horse that she got from Mom and Dad:

We also got her a big girl car seat that sits forward (as boring as a gift that is), but my back is ecstatic! We are probably jumping the gun a little on this gift, but we found it for an amazing deal and couldn't pass it up! We got her a vanity for her bedroom. It makes an awesome tent for Rach's Care Bears anyways!

Here is Rachel enjoying her party! I made her cake, I gave it my best shot! It was chocolate, Rachel seemed to enjoy it anyways!

Rachel lost in all the loot, with some of her cousins!

She actually was not that messy-I had to put her hands in the cake! After that she just kept picking up small pieces with her fingers! I was expecting a cake monster, instead she was a little polite nibbler!

Getting all clean in the sink! Such a fun day, I will never forget! We love you baby girl!

Monday, January 25, 2010

My baby is turning one!

Seriously, when did this happen? I remember bringing her home for the first time, feeling so overwhelmed and grateful for my daughter. Now I wonder how we ever lived without her. She has brought our family so much happiness in this first year of her life. She is our sunshine! Wow, I can't believe it has been a year! Times flies when you're having fun! These are some of the pics from the day Rachel was born, I can't believe how much she has grown! Also, this is her one year announcement we sent out to our family: