Monday, March 8, 2010

Goodbye Queen....Hello King!

We finally got our SWEET new bed in! We upgraded our bed size from a queen to a king about a week ago, and it is fantastic! Best week of sleep both of us have gotten since we got married! For those of you who don't know my hubby and I are not exactly short people. Mike is 6'5, and I'm 5' was pretty much a war zone trying to get enough space in our old bed! We went to Salt Lake to pick out our new bed, and it only took about six hours! Poor Rachel was so worn out by the end, but it wasn't a total bust for her...after all she did get a balloon that she didn't let go of all the way home!

Wow, I'm pretty behind on posting. We have had a really fun month. My brother and his cute family came up to visit us for a weekend. It was so fun catching up with them! They have a little boy, Adam, these pics are pretty accurate of his reaction to Rachel. He's a little shy and Rachel is a little not:

I'm pretty sure the next picture is of him crying! He just kept watching Rachel all weekend, looking at her like "REALLY?!?" Its so funny to see these guys together, because Rachel is about six months older than Adam, they look the same age, so I keep thinking they can do the same things, like walking, but not really! I think they will be good friends!

 Also, my cousin came up to support his wife, she is on the the BYU gymnastics team, and also to visit us. We went to her meet BYU vs. USU, BYU won, but it was so cool to watch. I've never been to a gymnastics meet before, it was like the olympics in extreme high-def! 

My bff, Mary came up the weekend after to visit and hang-out with us. (no-pics, boo!) It was so fun to have her up here, shopping, eating, etc. Need I say more. I miss you already! are Rachel's random pictures for the month:
When we were grocery shopping, she would not stop trying to eat this broccoli. It was like some natural response, I set it in the chart, and she automatically started trying to eat it. I'm ok with this, she breezed right past the junk food and went right for this.

Last but not least, we hid them from her as long as we could, but she finally discovered her nose holes! She doesn't actually pick her nose, but she thinks its awesome to just stick her finger up there! I might be mean for posting such a flattering pic of my baby, but we couldn't stop laughing at it, so I thought I would share!