Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hmm...Mom Body

Mom Stats:
Today was a sequence of discouraging events. Mike took the day to go work on some manly projects and then go golfing with his brother and dad, so I decided Rachel and I would go on a summer shopping spree. UGHH....mistake...the reality of the mom body totally hit me. The sizes I used to wear, I GUESS I can still squeeze into (skin tight isn't looking too hot either these days...hehe)! But after having a baby, I'm just re-proportioned all weird and differant now! Don't get me wrong, Rachel is totally worth it...but it's just kinda depressing I have to say! Anyone else ever feel this way? All these cute summer shorts and capris, not so sure anymore! We're going on vacation in August, and I am now for the first time saying goodbye tankini...hello one-piece! Does anyone know, is there really such a thing as keeping on "nursing weight?" Any who, our Moss family is having our own biggest loser competition. I'm hoping maybe that will help motivate me a little more, a cash prize always helps, right?

Rachel Stats:
So in the last week, all the sudden she's ROLLING OVER! I was sitting there changing her diaper and off she went! There was hardly any gradual steps towards this, it was like, "hmm...I wonder what will happen if I do this, and BOOM she flipped over!" She rolls over onto her stomach and can keep going back onto her back. This week she's also discovered her feet. She loves staring at her feet and just playing with them! My little baby has changed so much in the matter of one week! Ya know, of course I believe she's the alpha baby specimen:-), but I'm still shocked!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Video of Rachel

We just thought that for those of you that are far away from us you might like to see some video of rachel in action!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mass Exodus

Here's a solute to all my friends leaving Logan and moving on to bigger and better things! Last night I had to say goodbye to my best friend of 12 years as she decided to leave me and move to Orem...we lost another one...and many more! Mary, you know I will miss you so much, and so will Rachel! I say this mostly in jealousy, because I see most of our friends that Mike and I started with when we were all freshman and sophomores moving on and being done, so it feels like we're supposed to go with them! But ya know, there are much worse places to be than Logan with no friends...that's debatable! haha We still have a lot of good friends up here, they'll probably just start hearing from us way to often :-)
I'm so glad that school is over for the summer, I will finally have a husband again. Mike has had a crazy semester, from switching majors and not to mention having a child, he's pretty much burning from both ends. He is going to enjoy a much deserved break! He's going to be playing in a softball league with some guys from our ward, and I think he's pretty excited!
I know that my posts are all these random thoughts, but ya know I just write how I think! Mary and I went shopping and got Rachel a new dress for my brother's graduation coming up, but it is so cute on her we decided to take a little photo shoot: