Sunday, June 8, 2008

Moss' Invade the Blog Scene

Well we finally made it! We're excited to finally have set up a blog to keep in touch with friends and family!

So some new updates in Moss world include:

I graduated with my bachelors in business, now only one more year for Mike's undergrad! It was also cool, because I got to graduate with my brother from the same college, so our parents got a nice two-for-one! I'm so glad to be done!

We got a new member to our little family...Aggie! She's a pretty cute little cat, and she has been lots of fun so far!

Mike got a new calling in our ward, to be a member of the bishopric. So that has been a new fun adventure! He's a pretty busy boy right now, he's taking a full load of classes this summer and working, he's awesome!

We recently went to Disneyland on vacation and it was a blast! We miss the California weather already! Well this is all I can think of that has been happening recently off the top of my more later


Jelena said...

Yay! Now we can spy on you guys too! =o) Looks good talk to you guys soon!

The Rubens said...

This is one heck of a startup blogpage! Ours was super lame for about a year. We still don't have that fancy wallpaper. How do you do that? anyways, we definitely need to hang out.

Tim and Jacquelyn Hawkins said...

Hey I'm glad you entered the blog world so I can feel somewhat like I know what your up to these days. Looks like your having fun. Give us a call if you come to town.

mcbingham said...

Nice work on your blog, it looks so cute!! It's fun to see what both of you are up to!

stacie and mckade said...

Hey! I found it! YAY! very cute, cant wait to see more!

Jelena said... week is finally July! and we can here what is happening to our once on month bloggers!=o)

DJ and Stephanie Moss said...

Hey we found your blog! It was good to see you guys this weekend!

Tara L. said...

Hi Michelle, Mary told me you had a blog. How fun. I added you to my list of friends. You can check ours out at

Mary said...

Hi Michelle,
My lame sister made me start a blog. My address is