Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby Watch

Well still not much news to report! Still waiting for our little one to debut, it's looking like Friday just might come down to it....induction day! At least at this point we know the last possible day we will have her, hopefully!

Since a lot of people on my blog list are wardies I just wanted to thank you all for my awesome baby shower last night! I never thought I would successfully have a baby shower 4 days after my due date, but it was a cinch, and so much fun! Especially thank you to Liz and Krissey for making it all happen! Thank you all for the cute and crafty are all so seriously talented! I just feel so lucky and blessed to be in the ward we're in! Thank you all for your support, you're the best!


Nikki and Kade said...

Ugh. Overdue is the worst. She'll come Thursday. They always come the day before you're induced, lol. Hang in there mama.

Jarv n Mand said...

Rachel is a cute name choice; I like it... hopefully, you'll have her soon! But you do still look super cute being prego!