Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So this past weekend it was somewhat warmish for Logan, so we decided to take advantage and packed up the family and of course headed down to first dam for a picnic. It was great, it felt so good to be outside again FINALLY. Then we decided to finish out the day with our first barbecue of the year. Mike was pretty excited to whip out the grill again. So we enjoyed it while we could...and we're not talking about the fact that it is snowing right now as I type :-)

::::Rachel's Blessing::::
What a neat day, she looked adorable! It was so great to have all the family and friends come up and have a little celebration all in Rachel's honor! Mike gave a great blessing and we just enjoyed a great day!

:::Bath Time:::
I just couldn't resist putting in this bath time picture! Rachel loves bath time, the whole time she just kicks, coos, and squeals. Its so much fun!

p.s. for those of your that read my husbands previous post...I apologize for his nerdy ways! He kinda thinks that geek speak is funny...hahaha...but I love him anyways! Just kidding babe your the smartest and hottest geek in the world!


Nikki and Kade said...

She is so, so gorgeous! When can we all get together and arrange a marriage?

Jelena said...

It looks like you got some pretty good pictures out of her for her blessing! How cute! I'm so jealous, I can't wait until we can get a grill, I saw the picture and I think my mouth started to water! =o)

C.B. said...

My heck! what a cute smiley girl. Ya we do need to go out. Just let me know when you would like to go and I will be there.

Heather said...

Awww I love those pictures! I'm glad you guys could go out on a family picnic while it was still warm. When I was walking down the hill this morning, my ears were nearly frozen and I was trying not to slip on the ice from the melted snow yesterday. And by the way, I love the pics of her smiling and Mike holding her- what a little angel!

Tara L. said...

She is so darling!

Mary said...

Oh she is so cute! I swear everything I see her she is bigger!

Kristin and Dan said...

She is such a little cutie! It's amazing how much they grow up in just a couple months!