Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hanging Pool Side

I meant to post these a while ago, these pics are almost three months old! One last salute to summer! I figured I better get around to it seeing how fall is just around the corner...boo! I am a summer girl, but there are a few things to look forward to about fall approaching: Halloween, gorgeous leaves that make awesome photography, and Thanksgiving! Everything seems more exciting this year seeing how it is Rachel's first everything! Rachel is growing up so fast, she is already starting to pull up on furniture and anybody who has legs nearby, almost ready to WALK! Umm...when did MY BABY turn into a toddler?? How cute is our little one just chillin' in the pool! LOVE IT, she is so dang cute! I always love going to my hometown of Vernal and visiting. My mom has this AMAZING yard that Rachel loves to explore! Considering our front yard consists of busy streets, it's a nice change! Here are a few of my favorites!

Rachel knows how to work it...when she smiles or laughs and crinkles that little nose...her dad and I are ready to give her just about anything she wants!

Rachel with her grandma (my mom)! Good buddies! I need to get some pictures of her with her grandma Moss, she was gracious enough to watch Rachel while we went on our cruise, and I think Rachel developed a new best friend while we were gone!


mcbingham said...

Rachel is getting so big! Your pics on your photography blog are amazing. You are so talented! Hope you're enjoying L-town :) miss you guys

Dayna said...

So cute! Even though she is 3 months younger in those pictures, she still looks so cute! Also, your photo's are amazing! truly, how did you learn to do that! Way to go!